Superior Drummer 2 Tips & Tricks Tutorial Series

Luke Oswald reveals his killer techniques and secrets for getting the most out of Superior Drummer 2! In this comprehensive video tutorial series, he lets you in on some of his favorite workflow tips and tricks that you can’t find anywhere else.

Luke’s first group of videos cover sample manipulation, showing you how to decrease the sustain and tame transients of individual drum samples, how to enhance or subdue the attacks simultaneously, and how to use envelopes, fades, and room ambiance to shape your samples.

Next, Luke demonstrates the technique of parallel processing using Superior Drummer 2, explaining what it is, and how you can achieve it in your DAW of choice. 

Luke then focuses on presets, giving you tips on creating your own custom effects settings and chains, how to use factory and producer presets, and how to load and audition presets from other Toontrack libraries.

After that, Luke offers a number of ideas for using extreme settings in Superior Drummer 2. You’ll learn the benefits of experimenting with pitch adjustments, multiple-hit emulation settings, compressor settings, and bus send settings.

Finally, Luke includes a few miscellaneous tips to round out the series, such as how to create discreet cymbal channels, enable bleed for all channels, and how to use EZDrummer 2 Expansion Libraries within Superior Drummer 2.

If you’ve started using Superior Drummer 2 and want to supercharge your workflow, don’t miss “Superior Drummer 2 Tips & Tricks“!

Superior Drummer 2 is a sample library engine designed to provide the experience of a full fledged multi-channel drum recording session, allowing you to utilize real drums recorded in real studios around the world, all in the comfort of your own home studio.  You can decide exactly which available microphones you want to use for the overall sound of your drums and can configure the relative instrument levels within each microphone for ultimate control.

Superior Drummer 2 provides unparalleled flexibility in audio production for drum sample manipulation and sound design.  It’s my top choice and is what I use both in studio productions and for live performances.

Superior Drummer 2 Product Features

  • Core sample libraries recorded at Avatar Studios in New York
  • Total of 2 bass drums (3 with various sample options) and 7 snare drums
  • Massive sample libraries recorded using various instrument articulations and discrete microphones
  • Adjust the pitch, envelope, velocity curves and relative volume of individual articulations
  • Add additional drum pieces with no limitation to create the ultimate drum setup
  • Layer various drums together to create massive drum sounds or hybrid drum kits
  • Create MIDI Nodes to define velocity-to-articulation relationships for ultimate control
  • Adjust each individual microphone channel within the massive virtual mixer
  • Adjust relative instrument “bleed” levels to contour the sound of each individual microphone
  • Add insert FX such as EQ, Compression, Gates, Filters and Transient Designers
  • Audition preloaded MIDI grooves with drag and drop functionality
  • Record your performances with numerous audio export options
  • Advanced E-Drum support and mapping customization
  • Expandable drum sample libraries recorded from studios all over the world 

View The Superior Drummer 2.0 NAMM 2008 Presentation

View The Superior Drummer 2 NAMM 2008 Presentation

The Superior Drummer 2.0 NAMM 2008 Presentation video is what changed everything for me back in December of 2008.  I was simply researching some drum sample options to supplement the drum recordings I was working on at the time and stumbled upon this video after a friend referred me to Toontrack’s website.

After watching this video, I started to understood the value of Superior Drummer 2 and sample technology, and embarked on a journey to learn how I could make use of it for my own live performances and studio productions.  A few months later, I had the idea for  

I would have never even considered creating a website like this if I didn’t have confidence in the audio fidelity that could be produced using these products. Years have gone by, and I now use Superior Drummer 2 for virtually every live performance and studio recording I do and use Toontrack products as the foundation for all of the audio presented within

Many thanks to Toontrack, Pat Thrall and Nir Z for such an amazing presentation that literally changed the course of my musical journey.



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