Luke Oswald has been playing drums for over 20 years and has played in numerous bands providing a variety of experiences that lend to his ability to play multiple musical styles.

He is currently the drummer for The Innocence, a Midwest favorite that specializes in Classic Rock, Country, and popular music both new and old.  He also plays with Formerly Three, a unique two piece band that plays everything from jazz to Motown, classics from the 50’s and 60’s as well as today’s modern hits.  Between these two bands Luke plays over 150 shows each year.  Within The Innocence, he uses a custom Jobeky electronic kit along with Superior Drummer 2 and the Nashville EZX expansion.  When performing with Formerly Three, Luke uses a Ludwig Breakbeat acoustic kit with Meinl Byzance Dark and Extra Dry cymbals.

During his time in Nashville, Luke studied drums with Derico Watson (Victor Wooten), Jeff Bowders (Paul Gilbert), Will Denton (Steven Curtis Chapman, LeAnn Rimes) and Marcus Finnie (Kirk Whalum, India Arie). He’s recorded drums on multiple albums and has performed on albums with artists such as George Clinton and Samantha Ware.

In addition, Luke has been very involved in pushing his own abilities to the next level through extensive drum study and has a deep interest in sharing this accumulated drumming knowledge with others.  Fueled by his passion to inspire others to push themselves to new musical heights, he has created DrumAngle.com where he provides educational, technological and inspirational content not only for drummers, but for all musicians alike.

Luke spent several years building his unique recording studio, learning video and audio production, and building the website himself as a means to create an outlet to share his knowledge and experiences with others while having complete creative control over all aspects of the content produced within DrumAngle.com.  The drum lesson content pulls from over 20 years of drumming experience and intense drum study, all documented with notated drum transcriptions.  These transcriptions serve as the basis for the lesson content that is now available.  DrumAngle.com also features numerous performance videos based around various musical styles using a custom Jobeky electronic drum setup with Toontrack samples and products.

Luke’s hope is that within the pages of DrumAngle.com, you will find endless inspiration that will help you grow as a musician, no matter where you are in your musical journey. 


Quotes from Luke Oswald:

“To me, teaching is as inspiring as performing. When you teach, you’re forced to understand the topic at a much deeper level. I love the process of learning and improving, and to me teaching is just an extension of that process. I learn something new every time I teach anything, whether it be a drum lesson or a software tutorial. I also believe as artists we have a responsibility to pass on the knowledge that we’ve accumulated. You must take action and apply what you’ve learned to your own life, but that only goes so far. If you can take what you’ve learned and share it with someone else, you’re giving them the opportunity to take that knowledge, nurture it and allow it to influence their own lives. Eventually, they can pass that knowledge on to someone else, and the process keeps going. You never know the impact you can have on someone simply by sharing with them what you’ve learned.”

“I’m very passionate about encouraging, inspiring and educating others. I want to take every opportunity to share what I’ve learned and what I continue to learn.  Knowledge is meaningless without action.  The action you choose to take with the knowledge you’ve accumulated could be (and should be) to apply it to your own life. But I believe you should also put this knowledge to work by sharing it with others. There are very few things in life I enjoy more than taking what I’ve learned, sharing it with someone else and seeing the same excitement and inspiration in them that I’ve seen in myself.”



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